Few months ago there were 2 lonely souls crossed path.Was it fate? Was it destiny? Or one of them cheated Universe out of free-will? Can’t tell. Lol. The other one’s state was in life’s dreaded rock-bottom which was oblivious to the other but who cares?The other one seemed to be the embodiment of success yet, […]

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boulevard of broken dreams

Where is that once tingling-like spark that comes from within? That once nerve-wracking, all-nighter myriad of fervent thoughts that causes joy and or sometimes despair? That ardor hope that sets a heart aflame… Where is that? . . . Now, all I see are idling gaze rather than those gleaming eyes when I looked at […]

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Millennial Courtship

Of course, we were meant to be. You’re into poetry while I am an ass. You write about rainbows, butterflies, and love while I break someone’s heart. One day, we’ll meet paths. You are cold but I am hot. But you’ll see you already caught my heart. And I’d be like, “wtf?” But you were […]

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We live by what others served on the table. We live by the surface. Mere superficial. Most of us fear to dig down deeper. Fear to dwell underneath this facade. When truth shall be revealed only by unravelling what were hidden.

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A day tour

Once in a while, take your self out. Grab your family or someone close to you. Take a trip. Breathe. Inhale the moment. Exhale the fears and doubts. Take photos. Meet new faces. Eat their delicacies. Feed them with kindness. And buy something that remind you of this trip. After all you have been good. […]

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Envisage this.

  So, when was the last time you’re so entrapped by the moment? Perhaps, with tremendous effort taming your mind that might wander away, betraying you again. As always.

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Becoming the Grinch

It’s not just that hormonal imbalances that has depleted all of those dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins inside my system, nor that manifold phases of mental alchemy I just tried in, nor the pervading mood brought by this season but, it’s something innate triggered since the time I’ve learned I was one of those hopeless […]

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an INTP who fell, and stopped.

Welcome to the aftermath of unraveling yourself. Exposing your very core to someone whom you thought would pay respect and requite it. You thought it’s world-stopping, heart-pounding, life-changing, earth-silencing–you could hear your blood rushing through your bloodstream. A protracted momentum. But it’s not. I’m sorry hun but, what you’ve seen in movies were exaggerated depiction […]

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Substance K, Baby

I crave that numbing sh*ts and all of that calming f*ck, or maybe that euphoric state that uncontrollable manic that transpires you into some sort of sexual maniac. So, give me that one good shot a 50 mg, intramuscular, maybe Or a 200 mg shot in the buttock Or a 3 mg/kg intravenous, oh, I […]

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This is for the oppressed. The captive.The blind. The broken. The sick. The hopeless. The lonely. The hungry. The lost. You are free. You can see. You are healed. There is hope. You are filled. You are found. You are loved. There is God. He is Jesus. He see you. And by see, it means […]

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Manny Polly Thor and the Sycophant

Oh, now you are too predictable—like how your auto-pilot smirk escapes on your face when you thought you have won over your self-imposed paralogy. You, yourself is a charmer, a banter…irrefutable, and your face swell with its glory. I have maintained sagacity to master your convoluted self-absorb pharisaical principles. You can call me your loyal […]

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A Case

Instantaneously, her self shift into a face unbeknownst to herself in which her consciousness is lost into a vacuity, placidly, a poignant of misery that’s  visible to the eyes of none. To ignorant  it’s just a facade, the truth is she’s frozen in time, a prisoner of her own mind. Such strange phenomenon  by which […]

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Gobbledygook Blues of Future Regrets

Time has its classic humor in which the moment we knew that the end of our time is near–our earthly knowledge gradually increases that leads one into a vast realization. Hence, there is this sudden shift of perspective, perchance, that leads us to develop this little irrational instinct to protract time to even its split […]

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It’s been a tale of her folks’ song ‘She’ll never live long’ ‘She’s predictable…’ ‘She’ll die soon.’ Not too long she created a world of her own There she lurks, happy with her own played song. There she’s a queen or heroine She fly high, free from chain Little did she knew She can never […]

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Refuge in the eye of the storm

It’s really depressing to witness each striking recurrences that shattered my nation–months or weeks, then after. Frequent calamities have been phenomenal that pounded many cities after cities; starting from that dreadful war in Zamboanga City, Mindanao (August), followed by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and about 4-6 magnitude aftershocks that blasted Visayas region (October) and ripped to […]

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Undiscovered Hero

Remote. Long dilapidated less traveled road which is sometimes isolated, sometimes insulated, where no one loves to travel, and sometimes one even curses the road. You’re lucky if the site has an available power or electricity, but most of the time there is none. Perhaps, this is your destiny, if you’re too unfortunate not to […]

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The perks of candidacy.

  —- They wear nice dress and strike their sophisticated pose. Once they speak, the crowd will pause. They chat flattery words to steal your heart. They enumerate a list of changes, and then, rhymes of hope. They’ll sing it over, and over, and over again. “Vote for me, ‘coz I’m the man”, they say. […]

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She’s a lady She tints her cheeks with nice rouge. She color her hair and lips scarlet full. She dresses herself in expensive coat, and dance her feet in pairs of shoes. She’s a lady She winks at the mirror when she sees her face flicker. She glances at the mirror to see if someone […]

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